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Originally Posted by Rodger Knox View Post
I'm still looking for a way to cut binding/purfling ledges without a jig, but I'm beginning to think that may be one thing that requires specialized tooling to get professional results without spending a tremendous amount of time on handwork.
The simplest way I know of is to use an off-the-shelf laminate trimmer or a router with a laminate trimmer attachment. What it won't do is keep the width of the rabbet constant as the base tips to follow the curvature of top and back. The trimmer will do 90% of the work, leaving 10% hand work to make them constant width.

You can make a very simple jig to attach to a router that will solve the above problem.

If you want quick, easy, professional results, the best jig I know of is the one created by Larrivee and apprentices, currently sold here as a kit:
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