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I started trying to edit the squeaks individually, but there were simply too many of them, and doing it unobtrusively on the mix required selecting not just the time but frequency (moves depending on the specific squeaky strings), since that particular RX module does not seem to have enough fine tuning capability to not leave a big hole in its aftermath, otherwise.

Squeaks are generally too long for the spectral repair module (operating in a mix) because the surroundings are not constant enough. Clicks and such are pretty easy, and sibilance can be done, but also needs to be bounded both time and frequency, though vocal sibilance doesn't move around as much, i.e., like the squeaks, in frequency for a vocalist (IMO/IME). And there are often only a few that stick out in a mix.
All true.

I will have some time to spend on this later this week; I'm going to give it a go with several approaches, then decide if it's better to just re-track the parts.

My intent with this project was to learn more about the process and the tools available. From that perspective, it's absolutely been a success. The next one will be an order of magnitude better, simply from knowing what to strive for in the early steps.
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