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Ok, I watched it last night, after posting my initial comment. Absolutely fantastic. I had seen a few performances already, including the two songs he did on SNL last year, but to see the entire who was simply brilliant. No wires, no equipment or stage risers. Just the people and their instruments. And what an amazing sounding band! Perfect for Byrne's world music vibe.

Spoiler alert: the Janelle MonŠe protest cover towards the end was very powerful and moving, and the ending of the band breaking down the separation between them and the audience was a perfect ending (well, that and the bike ride). I like that it covered his long career appropriately with a couple of Talking Heads songs, some of his most well know solo tracks, and at least one from his excellent collaboration with St. Vincent.

The camera work was perfect, capturing the performance, along with all the stage movement, even from overhead, which is something you'd never see from the audience seats. This is a performance I can watch again, and David Byrne has likely leapt into my Top 5 artists that I've never seen perform live (he was already Top 10).
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