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I use iTunes. It's taken a little turn to the "everything's a billable service" world of internet 2020s, because buying individual songs is tedious, if possible at all; BUT, they took away the DRM/locking of songs a long time ago. So, I just put stuff there, whether it's ripped CDs or my own recordings, whatever. Honestly, it's not bad, and I can control the bitrate of the content on the phone, and it kind of does a reasonable job of loudness levelling, so that's not bad in the car when on a road trip.

I create playlists, and can talk to the dang thing (well, the in-dash unit running CarPlay, pretending to be a person called Siri) and tell it to play (or shuffle) my Bluegrass Americana playlist without looking at the phone or screen in the dash. Or pick out a single song, album or artist. WHY would I want to use files in a cloud storage app for that?
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