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Originally Posted by onaclearday View Post

I would be interested in buying a vintage Gibson archtop. My budget is around 2000USD. I'm mostly interested in the early oval(round) hole archtops (L1,L2,L3,L4, I would love a Style 0 unfortunately they are quite a lot over my budget) but I am also considering the affordable f hole ones or even Epihpones of the era. I've been researching them for a while reading old catalogues and forums, but I don't feel like I know too much about them.

Does anybody here know what I should look for, the better models, and best vintage stores (both in USA and in Europe)?

Any help would be much appreciated!
Here's a Gibson L-75, which is uncommon, and basically an L-4 in disquise:

They've already dropped the price, so no telling what they'll consider. Also be on the lookout for the very rare L-50 round hole archtops. Quite unique!

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