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Originally Posted by THart View Post
I'd never seen that video before. I have an L-2 very much like the one shown, '24 possibly built in '23 from what I can discern. Has the adjustable truss rod which I think is a nice feature. I just love the unique sound of it and it plays quite easily. Maybe the neck with the adjustable truss rod is a little thinner than older models? Still fairly chunky but I find it very comfortable. I've never played other models though so I couldn't give a comparison from experience. Mine may not be 100% original (I'm not even sure how to determine that for sure). I bought it at a music store where it was on consignment & was told it had been to Gibson for unspecified repairs/work at one point. Has a well repaired crack from the sound hole running up alongside the treble side of the neck and the top seems a little bit sunken at the bridge but the braces are solid and the sound is great! The top must have been refinished, probably at that point I'd guess. I had the frets dressed, otherwise it was ready to go (with a fairly beat up original case). Got it a couple of years ago for well south of $2000. Good luck with your search!
I saw a good deal on an L-2 a little while ago on reverb but I stupidly passed on it. Your find seems great, that's mostly what I am looking for. Chunkier necks never scared me, in fact I always felt comfortable on them, but I never played a vintage Gibson, it might be too big, but I think I can get used to them.
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