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Default Classical Guitar Questions

So after years of playing a steel string I decided to try something new and give me fingers a break and I bought a Cordoba Crossover guitar and I intended to use it for fingerstyle. It sounds great and I like the more mellow tone but I wanted to so some songs that I typically use a flatpick for and I was too lazy to get my steel string so I tried out a few songs using a thin flatpick and they sounded great. I don't know if this makes sense but it also seems this guitar suits my voice better if that is musically possible? I know pretty much nothing about nylon string guitars so is it considered "bad" or wrong to use a thin flatpick if someone wanted too? I know there is no pickguard but I was paying attention and my pick never touches the body. I guess that is not the same for Willie Nelson though. So what are thoughts about using a pick on a nylon string? Could it harm the guitar at all? Thoughts?

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