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Nick, the rosette is cool. Gonna look nice on that top.
I'm not sure if my post is in time or not, but if it is, one word of caution that I found out about last nite. The harder woods that you (and I) use for our rosettes will not sand as quickly as the top material will. I don't have the advantage of a thickness sander, so I don't know how that will work for you. But be careful. If you put the rosette in and it's below the top's surface, when you get pretty close, slow it down real good. I went thru mine although only a little bit. I had so wanted the top to be slick all over with no bumps this time. LOL, but it didn't happen.
My question is going to be, did you see or feel the same that I'm finding on mine? Does the thickness sander work better in this regard than my hand held? I'm sure it does, which will make me try to get one sooner
Thanks, and best of luck,
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