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Nick, I should have mentioned that when I use the card base I start with each segment marked out on the card using a compass and protractor. This way not only is there support when cutting out the ring, you dont need to find the centre later because it's already marked out and when making the segments you can check each piece for fit as you cut them (I normally just use a disk sander and adjust if need be on a sanding board). One reason I use super glue is not only does it glue the pieces together but also to the sacrificial base as I go. I sand the base nearly all the way through and then finish by hand using a sanding board. Its to hard to sand evenly at this stage just holding it so I use a block with a circle of card stuck to the block thats a bit thinner than the rosette. Making them on mass with a removable core and then slicing them up is more efficient but for one offs it works for me.

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