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I just flew United rt to Seattle. One stop on the way and two on the return. Since I fly out of Bangor, Maine, the plane was a smaller commuter jet with very shallow overhead compartments. The flights were basically full as well. While United did not require "carry ons' to be gate checked, they were but one step away from that. I saw a guy with an electric guitar which fit over head, but it was not an easy fit with the other baggage. Frankly, I am always surprsied at the difference between what is technically defined as a "carry on," and what people actually bring on.

I came away from the trip now appreciating that where you fly from and to also has to be considered because you could find yourself on a plane that simply does not have the space by virtue of its design, compounded by the number of passengers who carry on large bags I have never flown with a guitar. But when I do, it will be with a flight-worthy case. The idea of leaving my guitar in a conventional case at a gate to be checked would make for a very unpleasant flight, or worse.
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