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Before the pandemic, most of my flights were international, and I almost exclusively used foreign airlines (mostly Asia-based airlines, which provide much more pleasant flying experiences than US domestic airlines - another story for another thread). A handful of times I tried to carry on some other non-foldable parlor guitars I owned at the time. Didn't matter if the airport was in the US or elsewhere: the guitar was being checked in, without question or exception.

This is one of the reasons that I got the Little Jane(s). They dissect nicely into a backpack, and as long as I'm not flying little regional jets with tiny overhead bins, I can bring them onto the main cabin, no matter where I'm flying or what airline I'm flying on. And for the first time, I own travel guitars that I don't feel I'm compromising on tone and playability. I look forward to flying overseas with one of these in the near future, fingers crossed.
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