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Default THE MITCHELL for Paul. Final shots

This will be the delux edition Mitchell sized guitar for Paul.
Brazilian Rosewood body. The wood is reclaimed BRW from construction beams that was resawn into guitar sets in Brazil. I love the fact that this wood has been down for ages and subjected to all sorts of stress and vibration and survived. Built in character. The grain is straight, and quarter sawn and dark as can be which will make it fun to accessorize. There are a few orangish streaks just to emphasize that its not ebony nor A.blackwood.

We have been going back and forth on the top for awhile now. To start with the plan was Cedar. Then the Tunnel Redwood came along with all of its promise. So we switched to Redwood. Then i got a set of cedar from Allied that was just wonderful, easily the match of the tunnel in taptone. So, since Paul likes the cedar used on previous guitars we switched back to this cedar set. You can see that there is some figuring in the top.

This Brazilian will darken dramatically under finish.
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