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Question Best OM prewar/revival in the 1500-2000 range

With a little searching you could figure out my preferences-- or look at my signature-- but i'm interested in the wisdom of the crowd.

I have several OM guitars and a couple of dreads and am at the point that I will forgo the bass I get with the dreads in exchange for the comfort in my shoulder I get from the OM body. I'm 6 feet tall 175lbs and almost always play sitting down.

Santa Cruz OM PW?
Breedlvove revival made in USA
Martin om/000

What other solid wood made in the USA OM body style guitar in the $1500-2000 used but excellent condition range is the one you have to tell me about?

mahogany or rosewood back and sides?

I love my Yamaha FG 150 red label-- best beater ever.
I love my Breedlove Oregon OM sitka top and Myrtlewood back and sides
What else?
Started with 1

bowerman custom OM 28 style
breedlove oregon OM SMYe
breedlove 000-M deluxe revival
breedlove mc revival OM/AR deluxe (2)
yamaha ls 11 spruce hog mit
yamaha fg 152 spruce hog mij
yamaha fg 110 spruce agathis (tan) mit
yamaha fg 150 spruce (red) (sold)
yamaha fg 75 spruce (red) (sold)
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