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Happy with my 'lil stereo acoustic guitar action I got going on. Not quite a "purists" rig by any sense of the imagination but I rather enjoy the way it sounds. If I can't just have two microphones pointed at my guitar, give me lots of pretty pedals to step on.
martin seth avett d35 with a fishman natural 1 and a sunrise s2 pickup.

Everything runs through a trs cable into a homemade splitter box. Then the fun begins.

Channel A: fishman natural 1 -> empress effects para eq -> fishman aura sixteen -> jhs colour box -> aphex audio acoustic xciter -> radial firefly tube di with a strymon blue sky in the insert.

Channel B: sunrise s2 -> sunrise buffer box -> tc electronic flashback delay -> jhs alpine reverb -> radial pzdeluxe di

Everything powered by the prettiest power supply out there, a limited edition walrus audio Phoenix.
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