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Originally Posted by michaelm101 View Post
Thanks all. Perhaps, I should give more info.

This will be for an older, relatively rare guitar (1976 Taylor 755 12str, strung 6).

It already has an 1/4" endpin jack with a 1990s Fishman matrix UST.

I want the least invasive setup and plan to go wireless into my relic, Pendulum HS10SE, then into a Boss Acoustic Singer Amplifier...

I want blend capability, but not necessarily stereo/dual output. That is, no more than one endpin/hole in the body.
That helps. You have a bit of a needle to thread with wanting non-invasive, blending ability, but not stereo out (blending outboard) and wireless. The Baggs Anthem is one system that comes to mind, ready to go, with small controls in the soundhole. The DTar Multisource is another option with similar features.

People have mentioned a few other options that could work - the Baggs Dual Source preamp is nice, and can be used with your choice of USTs and mics, and offers blending, switchable mono-stereo, and a few other controls on a small circuit that mounts on the inside of the guitar.

Dual source is one area where there are fewer options for non-invasive installs these days - there are a number of systems that have the side wart hole in your guitar, far fewer if you want onboard blending and non-invasive at once.

The most non-invasive DIY approaches generally involve outboard blending, but that's not going to work with your wireless goal.
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