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Originally Posted by michaelm101 View Post
I've been reading about the pros and cons of the various new mic/ust blend systems that are readily available.

In light of all this, is there any way to put together an (easy to use in a live setting) "a la carte" system where one may pick and choose each component?

Thanks in advance!

I guess it depends on what you mean. I don't think there are many (or any?) current commercial systems that offer various options as something you order together - B-Band used to have a sort of pick and choose your sources system, but they're out of business. But you can easily put your own system together. The biggest challenge is to be sure you can really make the pieces work together. The most common problem is active systems with an integrated end-pin jack that doesn't allow you to add a 2nd source. That can be worked around if you're willing to have two jacks in the guitar, but it's sure simpler to use a single TRS jack. Any passive pickup is simple, just get the pickup, the mic and a stereo jack. Some active systems out there actually support adding a 2nd source (the DTar Wavelength comes to mind), but there are others.

For mics, any 9-volt lavalier type mic will work. There have been a few sold by pickup companies, tho that seems to be rarer these days. But there are lots of mics available elsewhere. The DPA 4061 is popular. I've been using Audix L5Os. There are mics by AKG, Audio Technica, and many more.

I have, let's see, 4 different dual source systems in guitars right now. All use either the Audix or DPA mics. I pair them with the Barbera Soloist, Trance Amulet (requires mods), K&K, or Dazzo pickups. So I have 4 different "a la carte" systems, where I selected the components I wanted and put them together. You also have to have an appropriate preamp. There was a thread while back that was listing all the preamps that support dual source. A search here on "dual source" will probably turn up lots of info and options.
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