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Originally Posted by PANDAPANDELO View Post
Hmmm... I didn't know Touchmix had a bad preamp. Since HFN is a natural sounding pickup, and the TM have bad preamp, maybe the Felix (or Alix) would be a better bet.
pandapandelo..i think the alix is a better choice over the tonedexter.
This is of course a subjective observation . my own personal opinion.
ive owned both and prefered the sound
of the felix to the sound of the tonedexter. i also prefered the sound of
this running into an analog board over
the touchmix digital. though the touchmix has a multitude of options and
features i think it doesnt excel at any of them. So there is a compromise between having all that in a menu driven
computer/mixer. And overall sound quality. Will the audience know? well
i would if i was in the audience. but for
the most part no.. Me i would take an
older Mackie vlz board over the touchmix anyday. Again just my humble
Qsc speakers are top notch pro sound equipment.. cant go wrong with those..

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