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Default losing the motivation to record

Hi guys,

I pretty much have zero motivation to record anymore. I took a long break and I'm trying to get back into it without much success. I should note that I'm generally happy with the sound of my recordings. The Zoom is easy and quick and the recordings sound "good enough" for my purposes. It's not like I'm recording an album for sale here. I'm just dissatisfied with my performances. Right now I'm focusing on recording tunes I've been playing for years but I feel the performances are substandard. I find I'm stressed out and I pretty much kill myself trying to get one good take. But when I listen to it I find that "one good take" pretty much stinks.

Is anybody else feel demotivated by the quality of your performances when recording? Maybe it's just time to accept things as they are and throw in the towel. It's not like this is the first time I've arrived at this conclusion, that's for sure.
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