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Is Brazilian worth the upcharge? You'll only know when you play a guitar built with it. But, just as not every Les Paul built between 1958-1960 is a 'Holy Grail' gem, the same goes for a guitar made from dalbergia nigra.
Blueridge once made a guitar called the BR280 (not the more recent 280A), which was essentially a D-45 clone. It was made of certified and documented Brazilian (because I checked the paper trail back to a US luthier supply source), but it sounded like crap.
I had a long and sometimes acrimonious discussion about it on UMGF where the True Believers were sceptical (or envious!), that I could buy a guitar built of solid Brazilian for around 1000 ten years ago. I did, but sold it on fairly pronto. Unfortunately only that guitar, and the fretboard of my '56 Les Paul Junior, have been my total exposure to Brazilian rosewood, so hardly representative!

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