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Originally Posted by Ukulele_Eddie View Post
What a stunning set of black & white ebony! Going to enjoy following this one and I predict at least a couple of other folks will want to start Kinnaird builds based on this.
Eddie, I hope you are as accurate in your prediction as you are kind in your thoughts. Many thanks!

Originally Posted by Daveac View Post
Wow guy's, another home run. I cant wait to see that back and sides under finish, it will be stunning
Thank you Dave, and just wait till you see what's around the corner!

Originally Posted by DamianL View Post
This is absolutely my favourite Kinnaird guitar so far...right up my alley!
Thank you Damian, that's especially rewarding as I love Scottish alleys.

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Very cool guitar, you guys--very classy!
Looking forward to the finish and the soundclips...
Thanks Nemoman. It's been a rewarding collaboration working with Jeff.
He has some very tasteful ideas.

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