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I've watched the first episode and clips from across the season on YouTube but I still refuse to lay down money for it. To me it's a mockery of the original with more style over substance and quite frankly the same sloppy type of writing that became the norm with Lost. I expect more from Star Trek.

I was a big Trekkie from my time as a rugrat watching syndicated episodes in the 1970s. Back then we clung to its idealism because the bomb could be dropped any moment. It was the fans who brought it back in 1979 and for a time it snowballed until it became a cash cow. Now the carrion have descended to pick rotting meat from the corpse.

Yes, I said it: Star Trek is dead to me. What's replaced it akin to the pseudo story of a pale imitations with ambiguous morality that entered the scene after the death of Superman.

Those days are clearly over and Trek struggles to find its identity in a society where instant gratification and entitlement now reign supreme from generations that only know avarice. Yes, there is still social commentary in much of pop fiction but it's delivery has changed to the point of brow beating. It has become particularly unenjoyable to me when moral ambiguity makes me feel disconnected from the "heroes" and I sometimes find myself rooting for the "villains" despite them clearly having values that are just as messed up.

That CBS expects me to pay for what is essentially a soap opera in space - that mirrors what essentially killed the Stargate franchise - is ludicrous. I realize that there are still "free" trials of CBS All Access but they still require credit card information for the subscription to seamlessly transition to a paid status after the trial is over. No thank you. I pay enough for my current cable package. I won't pay any more for just one show and reruns of previously broadcast content that should be free.
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