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Hey hotroad--

You're getting a lot of advice here, which is good, but there's some contradictions and stuff so maybe I can lend a little clarity...

For beginners to jazz, I reccomend looking at four chord types-- maj7, m7, 7, and m7b5 (half diminished)

Approach these looking at string sets 4-1, 5-2, and 6+4-2.

So here's some major 7ths to get you started...

Fmaj7: x x 3 5 5 5

Cmaj7: x 3 5 4 5 x

Gmaj7: 3 x 4 4 3 x

Then look at the process of how notes shift to create the other chord types. Then, inversions.

Here's a video I made ages ago that I think will be very helpful.

Jeff Matz, Jazz Guitar:
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