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Originally Posted by Odedi View Post
Hey, what do you suggest regarding the pickup?
First the soundholes.

The soundhole plug prevents a strong bass resonance building up in the structure of the body. It's similar to the difference between ported speakers/monitors which use escaping (and returning) air to simulate a much bigger cabinet (most cheap monitors) and "infinite baffle" (sealed boxes) which are either small and lacking bass or full range and huge (ye olde Yamaha ns10/Kef 103.2).

In some respects it doesn't matter where the air is flowing in and out of, the plug is not doing it's job as designed. Now, you may be lucky and hit on the perfect balance of killing your problem resonance without sealing the box but I think that's unlikely.

If you seal the small port you will lose some *acoustic* bass but if you don't you'll have to filter it out electronically anyway to avoid feedback so swings/roundabouts. I suspect if you can kill the acoustic resonance you can ramp up the amplified bass to more than compensate...

...except ...for the mic.

I don't know the Presys Blend. Does the EQ work on UST, mic or both after they've been blended? I've seen various combinations over the years.

It would be useful to know if there is one element of the system (UST vs mic) which is responsible for the booming. If it were me I would cover the port with something of significant mass, kill the mic for the time being and see how hard you can push the volume without losing it. It may not sound pretty but knowing the result of this will inform the next step.
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