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Yes but places like Sweetwater don't hassle you for returns and will pay return shipping. All the shops around here have at least a 2 week waiting period for setups and I normally just do the setup myself, which normally involves tweaking the truss rod and/or sanding the saddle if needed. Since this guitar's action is fine (even a bit too high) and the neck relief is fine where it's at, I was hoping it was a humidity issue, but now that I found a few high frets and also it's been almost 4 days and its still buzzing, so I don't think its a humidity issue. I like my chances better with another one.

Originally Posted by varmonter View Post
Well my take on it would be if you
Like it let music zoo pay to have it
Fixed. If you dont like it return it.
Getting a nice setup is worth it
And you may enjoy it even more
After it. Things like truss rod and high
Fret repairs are like brake jobs
On a car. You dont scrap it cause it needs
Brakes.. most big retailers like
Sweet waters and the like dont
Even open the boxes. Factory to you. OP
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