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Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Joel Teel of 2 Hands Guitars is definitely one to consider--great guitars and a wonderful human being!
I absolutely agree. Joel Teel is a relatively new builder, but he's making world-class guitars that are as good as anything you'll find that costs twice as much. He's an impeccable craftsman, approaching each and every procedure like a brain surgeon, and his work is spotlessly clean inside and out. But it's the SOUND of his guitars that just knocks you over in awe.

Full disclosure: I work with Joel, and have been for almost three years now. He was my first serious student. Not an apprentice, because he's been building his own brand (Two Hands Guitars) since the beginning. Not only has he been the best student that you could imagine, he is also teaching me now, by example. I am re-learning to approach this craft with that meticulous attention to detail, and the devotional enthusiasm of doing such soul-nourishing work.

Stay tuned-- Joel is going to be posting a show 'n tell thread soon of his two most recent guitars. We just have to take the glamour photos first. AND, Joel will be bringing his guitars to Tom Bowersox's B.I.G. Show in early September. Please attend- and you will see that there is no hyperbole in what I say about this guy. Website link above, and HERE is Joel's Facebook page.
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