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Originally Posted by blue View Post
When I "retired" from Surf Gigs, I had an AVRI Jazzmaster and Jag and a MIM Classic Player Jag. The one with two humbuckers, a tuneomatic bridge, and where the rhythm circuit wheels actually roll off slowly between full humbucker, and split. I only kept the MIM Jag as it was crazy versatile, and I didn't want to be sitting on that much cash in the form of two guitars I didn't need.

Fender's Trem for the offsets are definitely my favorite! Even with the TOM bridge it works wonderfully.
I like the idea of the rhythm wheels controlling how much of a split! That's a cool idea. And having a humbucker in the bridge position could really make a Jag more versatile!!! Mine has custom pickups with the bridge pickup being overwound to a little hotter than vintage spec @ 7K, fatter, but not humbucker fat.

And as for the offset trem, I was totally put off by it at first, but then I did some research and learned how to set it up properly. Now I couldn't imagine liking a trem more. I had a AVRI trem on it at first, which I got dialed in after working on the contact point of the hinge plate with a file and sandpaper. By the time I was done with it, it was SILENT, with no mechanical noise. Smooth as silk!!! The reason I went with the Halon Trem is that, I loved the bridge so much, that I had to try the trem, especially 'cause I could get the arm tension as tight as I wanted.

I just use trems lightly, surely nowhere like you would have used them in your surf band.

Funny thing, I love surf music, but have never played in a surf band. In my solo set, I play Sleepwalk, Pipeline, Walk Don't Run, etc, and I'm sure my versions pale in comparison to what you were doing with a full band, but they add to what I'm doing, and make the set more fun. I programmed my HX stomp for a good surf sound, with a Twin Reverb amp sim, and a trem and reverb. It splashes pretty good!
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