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Originally Posted by rockabilly69 View Post
But, lately, when needing, a total floater, I've been enjoying the offset trem on my Jaguar made by Halon parts out of Greece. It's a very precision machined tremolo. The thing always comes back in tune, and the arm can be tightened so there is no play. I love that. The bridge moves back and forth with the strings, as it rides on two knife edge points at the base of the bridge posts. Offset guitars get a bad rap because of a pretty big lack of info on the proper setup, but when dialed properly they are extremely musical...
When I "retired" from Surf Gigs, I had an AVRI Jazzmaster and Jag and a MIM Classic Player Jag. The one with two humbuckers, a tuneomatic bridge, and where the rhythm circuit wheels actually roll off slowly between full humbucker, and split. I only kept the MIM Jag as it was crazy versatile, and I didn't want to be sitting on that much cash in the form of two guitars I didn't need.

Fender's Trem for the offsets are definitely my favorite! Even with the TOM bridge it works wonderfully.
I only play technologically cutting edge instruments. Parker Flys and National Resonators
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