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I use tremolo very sparsely but when I do I like it to float for the most musicality. That said, guitar tremolos have always bugged me. The Floyd Roses and Khalers, although very stable were always a pain to dial in, and aesthetically ugly in my opinion. Of the all the stratocaster tremolos, the one I like best is actually the G&L fulcrum trem which seems to hold tuning well, but on my G&L I have it decked, so only down trem on that one. But, lately, when needing, a total floater, I've been enjoying the offset trem on my Jaguar made by Halon parts out of Greece. It's a very precision machined tremolo. The thing always comes back in tune, and the arm can be tightened so there is no play. I love that. The bridge moves back and forth with the strings, as it rides on two knife edge points at the base of the bridge posts. Offset guitars get a bad rap because of a pretty big lack of info on the proper setup, but when dialed properly they are extremely musical...

I use the tremolo so little that I'm far from an expert of the subject, but when I use it, I like to finish little phrases with it, like in this song @ 22 seconds in where I do it with a little chord and then a harmonic where I wanted the note to just waver slightly up and down...

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