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Default The genius of Ken Parker's Fly design

Specifically the trem in this case. A 5 or so years ago, I was "done" with floating trems. So I set my Fly Deluxe up with the trem "decked", there is an internal mechanism for that, and I cranked up the spring tension.

My desire was to be able to bend the bar down, but to have a lot of resistance for double-stop bends to keep the other strings as much in tune as possible like a hardtail.

Well a couple days ago I got a hankering for some light "bigsby-esque" wiggles.

So with the trem decked, I tuned up, and started relaxing the spring. I switched into floating mode, and kept releasing tension until the 6th string it was in tune. I figured that would happen close to where the bridge was level/even with where the bridge was decked.

It was that simple. It was close enough to in tune across all the strings that all but the pickiest player would have played it on stage. At least for Rock

This may not sound significant if you've never had to deal with a floyd rose.
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