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Originally Posted by rick-slo View Post
See my post #30.

The guitar being a polyphonic instrument it is a common situation that there are other notes (usually notes played earlier in time that are on their way to fading out)
that are ringing right along with the target note you are trying to change the volume of. Change the volume of the target note and you change the volume of the other
I agree with Rick - the issue is the polyphonic nature of the instrument. You'd have the same issue with a piano, or even a stereo orchestra recording. Adjusting the volume of a trombone note risks hearing the volume go up on sustained violins, etc.

There is certainly an issue of degree. Things that are painfully obvious with my head between my studio monitors sometimes aren't even noticeable at all over my home stereo or in my car. A casual listener isn't likely to notice a bad edit if it's background music playing in a cafe. But we all record music in the hope (or fear? :-) ) that someone's actually going to listen to it closely over a good sound system, however unlikely that may be!
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