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Originally Posted by SprintBob View Post

I need to figure how to do this on Reaper. I have plenty of takes where I have a few high or low notes that I would like to “treat” but instead I trash the recording and try again. That can be time consuming (and tiring at times).
Like anything it's a matter of just going through the procedure. In the long run it is an editing technique that is very useful especially if you have an otherwise good take and if the issue is not too severe.

Again I don't use Reaper but I did try the free version a few years ago but do not remember the exact method, BUT,,,,,being a visual learner I found Kenny Gioia's extensive free video's on Reaper very informative. And I am guessing Reaper can facilitate it and I would think Gioia would have a video on volume automation ?

What the technique basically involves Is:
1 # first get the mix volume where you want it for most of track before you try to deal with the problem spots, so you deal with bad notes only with automation volume changes .... And you won't have have to keep going back and forth adjusting the volume for the rest of track
#2 listening and deciding what may need to be raised or lowered
#3 in the edit window zooming on on that section of the waveform with the issue (visually is either a tall transient in the wave form or an obvious contracted (shorter vertically) section.
#4 highlighting the section with the issue and using what amounts to a cut/separation in the timeline for just that section or just the volume lane line for the track, and then there should be some way to change the level for just that portion of the waveform (with out effecting the rest of the entire track).

What doing this does is, puts the track into volume automation. (note that once you do this) if you later decide to make a change in the entire tracks volume,,, you will have to make that change by changing it the volume automation lane or section,, because if try to just move the tracks fader on mixer channel like when there is no automation ,,,, it will simply revert to back what the last automation volume level was. (at least that is how Pro Tools works with automation)
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