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Originally Posted by James Haigh View Post
I'm no expert on preamps, perhaps somebody on here is?

I play a Lowden F35 Engelmann/Madagascan with a Highlander pickup.
I don't need any special effects just a quality realistic live sound for advanced fingerstyle. But how? So far from my research it would be between these preamps:

- The LR Baggs Venue
- The Tone Dexter
- AER colouriser 2 pocket tool
- Grace design bix/alix

My questions are:

1) which of these preamps (or other) would you recommend?

2) Would it be wiser for me to instead save up for a set up like a 2 channel pre such as the Grace Felix pre to mix say a Gefell M300 with my highlander pickup?
what is the impedance of the highlander pickup.
this might help with suggestions.
i have a felix and it's great . has lots of features
and flexibility. variable input impedance which is handy.
all the suggestions here are good ones. i am a grail
searcher so i have tried many many pup/pre combos.
i will reserve comment on tonedexter because i just bought one
and need more playtime with it. but it gets a lot of love here.
so if you have a grand to drop the felix to me is king.
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