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Originally Posted by DarkestDreaming View Post
Hi All, thanks for the replies!

Hello wcap,
I already read through the article that you linked. It was really helpful for me in terms of recording the guitar itself and what effects were added. I really wished to learn more though, like how Doug tweaked the two reverbs that he added to the tracks, the compression settings and how it was panned, hence this post

you're right! There's hardly any mixing per se since we are only dealing with 1-3 tracks. For lack of a better word, I used mixing. I guess what i meant was post-production after the recording stage.

For instance, with the tips you mentioned.. i would also like to know that if you pan it hard L and R would it sound like a 'big mono' or would you lose center imaging and sound more distant etc. And also is the high-pass at 100Hz really necessary since we are dealing only with a solo instrument

I am interested in going for both sounds! I understand that most of the youtube vids would tend to factor in their K&K settings into the mix, while the album versions tend to be more mic. I just dropped a message to Antoine Dufour on fb on this as well.

Thanks a lot guys. Keep it coming!
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by a big mono. If you spend the time to get the spacing and phasing correct between the two mics in mono, when you spread it to stereo it will sound bigger and slightly more realistic. I do think the high pass is necessary. Try the opposite, do a low pass around 100Hz and you'll hear almost nothing but rumble. I LOVE low end in my recordings but not mud. I've found I get a lot more clarity while still retaining bass with a high pass.
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