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I wanted to send this pic to Jmat, but email's been down all day so I'm posting it here.

The brace stock started out 11/16" high, which it is still close to the X and in the middle of the upper transverse, but it is now 7/16 at the peak south of the scallop, and 7/32" at the depth of the scallop. I measured the work rather than working to the measurements. I intend the top itself to be slightly sturdier than my last 000, which was the one I made for Schoenberg to take to the Santa Barbara event last October, but the braces are intended to be slightly looser. My goal is a similarly sensitive guitar, but with a bit more solidity, or "wood", or focus; not sure of the words, but I know what I'm after. I may take another swipe out of the scallop.