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Originally Posted by Vancebo View Post
It looks good. I have to ask. I know you can use it with one guitar that has two separate pickups. I know you can use it with two separate instruments. What other magic tricks does it do?

Hi Vance,
Other features include selectable footswitch functions:
Mute both channels, or either channels 1 or 2 separately. Same goes for Boost function. The HPF control LED’s indicate which channel is active and the Boost LED controls indicate which boost is active.

You can also toggle between channels 1 & 2 in situations where you need different volume level, eq, high pass filter settings. When Chanel 1 is active, channel 2 is muted.

All these footswitch adjustments are accesible vía the external dip switches

You can also toggle between low mid eq and high mid eq range.
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