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Originally Posted by LouieAtienza View Post
Looks like you'll be laying some CF soon! For the top are you going to use x-bracing, or something like Ovation's fan brace?

I enjoy the journey as well, but it's always important to focus on the goal! That IS what we ultimately must achieve, especially if we have investors and customers. The journey is just a means to an end, but yes it should be enjoyed as well.

I have a bracing pattern from the 3 old prototypes, made from 0.6 millimeter thick carbon fiber strips (0,023inch). They are very flexible for the top to go up and down but strong in the lenght. This was sufficient for nylon, but it could not handle the steelstring string tension.

This is the pattern :

They will also have bracings made from wood. This pattern comes from the archtop carved top guitars :

The wooden bracing will be very small on nylon and larger on steelstring. Their purpose is just to make sure the top stays level. I am placing this wood where there was a deformity in the steelstring prototype.

I glued spruce and ceder together for bracings, these are cut from soundboard wood with a faulty fretslot blade that was too wide.
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