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Originally Posted by littlesmith View Post
Thanx. Yes, there is lots of good info now. I`ll get there one day. Everything is a bit slow now because the construction of the tooling takes as long as it takes. Once t is done and functions as it should the mold can make 1 body every 2 days (it could be 1 per day if you have a seperate resin injection mold and then transfer it to another mold with post heat curing, but im just doing 1 mold right now). This varnish needs to dry 72 hours on every coat but the plug is now sealed.

The next step is putting release wax on it, so i expect that the negative mold construction will start this week.
Looks like you'll be laying some CF soon! For the top are you going to use x-bracing, or something like Ovation's fan brace?

I enjoy the journey as well, but it's always important to focus on the goal! That IS what we ultimately must achieve, especially if we have investors and customers. The journey is just a means to an end, but yes it should be enjoyed as well.