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Originally Posted by Monsoon1 View Post
I can understand the idea of wanting to make a board that can vibrate in a more pure manner. But I think you could have saved yourself quite a bit of time and money by running experiments on a loose soundboard vs. one attached on a traditional acoustic, without ever having to deal with all the carbon fiber molds.

Perhaps using equipment that could have measured the decay rates of vibrations from the loose top to a traditional top, to see if there was a significant difference. It is certainly possible that an attached top could prove to be superior in doing the job of vibrating along with the strings. And you would want to know that sooner than later.

That being said, i'm a firm believer that you can do all sorts of things in the building of a guitar and still wind up with good sound.

Good luck on your finished product.
The loosetop principle was abandoned in 2014 and was a completely different thread.

I`m not sure how you connected that to this.

I thought the loose soundboard would work but it was just a dream that i sunk way too many resources in. I abandoned trying to be fancy and went back to pure function, thats how i arrived in this new Hybrid mocel.

The hybrid guitar uses a traditional principle of making sound (a soundbaord attached to the guitar). The loosetop was a theoretical experiment that failed. The R&D from the unibody went into this model. I will use composite component that has a back, sides, neck and head from a laminated composite component, but the front is completely made of wood (and traditional method of producing sound.
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