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I had a stewmac blade that was produced out of spec (too wide), i have the replacement blade now. My saw table was not the most expensive (somewhere in the 200 Euro range) the mechanics are wobbly which sucks. I had to remake the sled, which has no more play, that`s a good thing.

Still, the ends of the fretslot were getting too wide, you can see what i mean on the 2nd fretslot from above in the padouk fretboard (red wood) on the left, it gets wider. I found out i can solve this by ramming the fretboard into the saw with high speed (sounds very illogical, i know). If i ram it in, the wider area is only 3 millimeter instead of 1.5 centimeter, so now the wider area falls outside of the final dimentions, so it can be cut off. This was quite the battle with a lot of frustration. I even made the new blade thinner with a wetstone.

The machine has oak wood as the sliders and a lowered area for my hands, i drilled into the stewmac template so i can just screw the template onto the wood, i don`t like this double sided tape method (the holes fall ouside of the final shape).

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