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Originally Posted by littlesmith View Post

I know exactly how to get an amzing guitar, it is quite humiliating to have to do everything with the wrong tool. The fretboard wont be super level with an old piece of wood you found, offcourse i would rather buy a stewmac aluminium sandingbeam, i cant even pay my rent right now. If you dont have a vacuum leak detector of 500 bux, you wont find the leak, the fabric is not pulled against the mold surface, 1000s of pinholes, no high gloss, no nice body. I would love some nutfiles, but im making the slots deeper with an old hacksaw.


I have put millions of dollar in to get the overal quality right.....millions. I should not even have gotten this far

This is the bit I don't understand.
An absolute bare minimum trait of a good guitar is the ability to hold a good set up. Things like nut slots are important. If you get them wrong you will have a bad guitar, no matter anything else it features. If you've invested millions over 10 years and not included the tools to get a level fretboard and clean nut slots, then I feel there is probably a better way to go about it.