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I don't think you understand what the feedback has been. There hasn't necessarily been an attack on the sound of your instruments, but on your woodworking. Putting all the carbon fibre stuff aside, it does not cost much to create an aesthetically pleasing top (rosette + finish). It does however, take an artistic eye and experience/skill to execute such a vision. And that is what you have not shown the people of this forum that you are capable of. Sure a guitar which has no bindings/rosette/inlays can sound AMAZING. But how many people would be interested? People buy with their eyes first before they consider buying with their ears unless you have already established a name for yourself and people might be deceived into thinking that it is a new trend you're setting, and would buy into that idea.

So I think the take-away advice if any is: Take your woodworking/finishing skills to the next level if you want to meet the industry standard of guitars set by both factory built and handbuilt instruments. It does not take much money, just the right skill set. Show your target audience that you can meet THEIR expectations. Consumers can be selfish and don't really care what you think a guitar is supposed to look/sound like, they just want what meets their expectations, and not yours. And so far, from what you've revealed about the fundraiser, the target audience doesn't seen to be biting.

From my experience, people on this forum try their best to be encouraging. Just take a look at all the amateur build threads. Being encouraging is one thing, but we have to remember to be realistic as well.

I sincerely wish you all the best on your endeavours and wish that I had half the passion and drive that you have

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