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Originally Posted by matthewpartrick View Post
OP, im OK leaving this thread open but there seems to be a theme of argument with the posters. I'm not saying anyone's right or wrong, but we need to tone it down a little in order for this thread to be a success.
Thats because i keep having to defend myself and we keep going in circles.

"You need more experience"... i would love more experience, i cant afford materials. No materials --> no building --> no experience.

"It doesnt look like its consumer ready"...I know its not consumer ready, thats exactly why im trying so hard to get funding.

"Just make one good one". You cant without good tooling ---> Need funding.

"Why dont you listen to our advice"... you have not started a company on welfare while battling a disorder with an acoustic guitar model that uses aerospace quality materials and production processes. I`m not the 12 year old boy cute kind of autism, im the 31 year old anti social alianate my own family kind. I don`t know how to talk to people, im socialy akward, and sooner or later people get sick of me. But this all says nothing about the guitar model and its potential.

But you are right, from now on i will simply not reply to these things. I try to be nice and give everybody an answer, but this is just draining my energy.

I know exactly how to get an amzing guitar, it is quite humiliating to have to do everything with the wrong tool. The fretboard wont be super level with an old piece of wood you found, offcourse i would rather buy a stewmac aluminium sandingbeam, i cant even pay my rent right now. If you dont have a vacuum leak detector of 500 bux, you wont find the leak, the fabric is not pulled against the mold surface, 1000s of pinholes, no high gloss, no nice body. I would love some nutfiles, but im making the slots deeper with an old hacksaw.

If you do every little step right, the total will be right. My entire production process has been written out, step by step, glue this, sand that, drill here. Everything is production ready. Composite companies are on standby, ready to produce at mindboggling quality....but they want to get payd.

If you watch shark tank or dragons den, you see its very common that a prototype stage venture needs 100k or 200k to proceed. I made 3 prototypes on fumes and dust, and i think that deserves a little more credit then i often get on this forum. There were times were i was out of the game for 3 weeks because i could not afford a 4 dollar sandpaper. If you do this for 10 years, you get exausted. You sacrifice going on vacation, dating and buying clothing for 10 years, and it still was not enough to make the leap from prototype to consumer quality. That is the basis of my frustration so i get triggered when somebody sais "just do this", and the real solution is getting the right tools.

Composites is not forgiving like wood, you cant sand a little spot, fill something up, 1 loose strand in your body and its in there for ever. These carbonfiber acoustic companies owners come from the aero space industrie and they have put millions of dollar in to get the overal quality right.....millions. I should not even have gotten this far without resources.

The proof is in the pudding (this video has no effects what so ever) :

I have strangers coming to my house to play the guitar, and they are amazed at the sound, an award winning dutch designer Marcel van zwieten on board, Mark Lettieri a grammy winner, a talented handpaint artist Nina Valkhoff, people friend me on facebook and say the sound is amazing, and they never heard anything like this ever, like internation producer Jake Morelli (producer Queen Latifah,Esperanza Spalding,The Roots), so i must be doing something right. Some people see the good in my model, the potential, instead of attacking everything that is not the quality it could be with an investment.

The sound is there, the finish quality will go up with an investment, and thats the last i will say about it.

Ill keep it civil and nice from now on, thank you for not closing the thread.
build, learn, grow

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