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Originally Posted by littlesmith View Post
My prototypes sound fantastic ...

...i am a genuine willy wonka and my original candy flavor tastes amazing, the gumball just looks a little rought right now, thats all. This guitar model is 10 years ahead of anything on the market right now.

I told you how i made a crypto currency that sends money in 7 seconds and did 65k, i can not code but i made it happen. I tought myself how to build a virtual reality game in 2 months without any coding experience ever. It works and its awesome. I developed the worlds first adaptive virtual reality controller on fumes that moves into your hand when you grab something ingame. I was talking to VC about a 2 million dollar virtual reality project but i went back to guitars because it was my true passion.
With a hand like this I can not see how you can not succeed.