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Originally Posted by littlesmith View Post
"It isn't lean because you have two rolls (2x cost) when you could achieve the same results with one roll." 1x 1 m2 yellow carbon + 1x 1m2 green carbon costs the same as 1x 2m2 green carbon, it doesnt matter howmany colors you offer.
It matters in terms of things to order, options on offer, etc. Lean = remove everything you do not need to make product x. You don't need 2 colors.

I dont have money, i do what i can, not what i want. I have planned for every outcome, 15 units at home, and alsoe medium sized and also 100 guitars in a rented space. It is irresponsible to not plan for every outcome. I have calculated everything to the cent.
How can you calculate everything to the cent when you have no idea whether any guitar will sell? If you build 10 and they sit around for a year, you have to calculate other things like storage costs, opportunity cost for your capital (spent on 10 unsold guitars instead of earning interest or whatever), etc. You can't. When you have a project this big, you just can't. Simplify.

I listen to everything what everybody says here, that does not mean i must follow it. I know what i am talking about and i have studied all areas extensively.
Respectfully, if you did know what you're talking about, then you wouldn't be begging strangers for money unsuccessfully. Studying things on the internet isn't the same thing as the decades of real-world experience this thread has offered you.

The only solution here is If i had money i would have this up and running in a month, and it would produce guitars that compete internationally.
Prove it.

You have three things to prove to the world before you can reasonably expect to get investors excited.

1) that you are able to make guitars on par with or better than existing guitars in the marketplace. The bar is very high. Your existing guitars are nowhere near that level. And it's not about money--French polishing the tops or making exact cuts in your rosettes doesn't cost money.

2) that there's a market for your CF guitars. You just need to make one and sell it. Not raise money to make 10 or 100. One. Making it isn't enough. You have to find someone willing to give you money for it.

3) that you have good judgment and can be trusted to manage the investment judiciously.

You haven't done those things yet. And unlike people like Ned Steinberger, Gary Kramer, Leo Fender, Ken Parker, David Schecter and many others who've successfully started music businesses after their first one made it big, you unfortunately don't have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products, so the bar is extra high for investors to get excited, because the risk (that their money will be lost) is much higher when investing in vaporware from an unknown dude when they can just go to a store and buy an Ovation or Martin or whatever.

I get it--it's hard to start something from absolute scratch. I've started businesses; some became very successful, some failed. In every one I believed our product was worth investing in and paying money for. But the market spoke and sometimes said that wasn't true.

Many of my ideas come on the market years later because somebody else thought of it and wanted to put in the work.
History is littered with failed inventors. Having an idea is only the beginning. Execution is what matters.

As i said, i am very poor in social skills because i have a disorder, but please believe me that i know what im talking about with guitar stuff.
I will not quit, i will not give up, i sacrificed everythign for this for 10 years, i made mistakes and i learned from them.
This thread is evidence to the contrary.

Please don't take this personally. I'm sure you're a super guy and you have a lot of drive. But as someone who's received investment advice (and occasionally investment money) from some of the best investors in the world (people who backed or founded Google, Facebook, Netscape, PayPal, etc), drive and an idea aren't enough. You have to show proof you can focus and deliver on one thing exceptionally well.
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