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Originally Posted by DASmusic View Post
At the moment, nothing for the verses. I do really like Amy's idea. I also tried replacing the Dm chords with major chords. And it sounded interesting.

I also really like the descending chords as well. They all sound great, alone. It's just thrown in with that chorus (D, Bb, C, A) just throws it off. Maybe I'm doing something wrong... Lol.
Maybe I should change the chorus.

I do agree with the breaking up the chords. It would definitely add more movement to the song. But again, it gets lost when I do so...Same thing with a key change for the verse.

I don't even really hear a direction for the melody.. honestly.
I'm used to writing songs as a whole. I get an idea, write a lyric line, find a melody, get a chord progression and build the song from that, all together.
Where as this one, I had the lyrical content idea, and was kinda aiming for a dark sinister song. And one morning the lyrics just poured out and before I could even grab a guitar I immediately wrote it down as it poured out.
After the lyrics were done, the music for the chorus just came to me. And now I'm here.... Stumped and frustrated. Lol

Like i said, I really do like some of these ideas. It's just not there yet. And when I tweak them around, it gets lost.
Thanks for your patience though. Lol. I appreciate the help a lot.

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Sometimes, less is more. Perhaps....just maybe, the song is done already.

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