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Originally Posted by DASmusic View Post
Thanks. I was kinda figuring D as well. I might have found something just goofing around. D, C, B/G, Bb, A. Just walks down the chromatic scale. It works musically.
Yep - classic line.
I assume you mean "G/B", btw (G chord with B bass). The Bb could also be Gm with Bb bass.

As a bass line, it's the same sequence as the verse of the Beatles' 'Dear Prudence' (among many others). I.e., that one uses D/C rather than a plain C chord.

You could also check out Dylan's 'Make You Feel My Love', which adds the maj7 to the descending line. In D it would be D - A/C# - Am/C - G/B - Gm/Bb - D/A. (As with the Beatles, he wasn't the first to use the idea.)

Either descending line makes it sound smoother or more logical than your original D-Bb-C-A - which doesn't mean "better" of course . (D-Bb-C-A also has some nice voice-leading, aside from the jumpy root movement.)

As Mr Jelly says, you could add F to the mix (another chord borrowed from D minor). Dear Prudence does that too...
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