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Thanks for the comments!!! Nice hearing from Y'all...

I was going to go with Varnish, but last moment chose French Polish... It turned out perfect, Davids application was pretty flawless... Now all I gotta do is not destroy his perty work! Fragile stuff...

Wheeling and dealing high end instruments.... Oh yea, whats more fun!!! ??? NOTHING imo

Future neck resets: Actually, this guitar has a "Spanish Heel" for a neck joint... It HAS a truss rod... A Spanish heel for sure has it's problems I hear, like NO easy neck resets, but also some advantages... It was not a specific request of mine etc, that's just the way Davids been building his guitars for the last 40+ years... And i'm not gonna suggest his tries something different

I fell in love with the tone of the first one I played, and I feel the neck joint plays a roll... It vibrates like a classical, and really is supper sonic sitting on my lap.... The stimulation I experience as I play is at a seriously maximum level... And thats priceless for me! Years down the line when a problem happens, like no more saddle to lower, heck, I'll worry about that then!!!
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