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Default Jazz amps....

Anybody have experience and comments on the heavy Schertler "Charlie" vs Schertler Jam 400? After an archtop hiatus, I have a birth year ES-175 and two year later '56 ES-175 DN inbound. Unfortunately, I sold my mint '77 Polytone Mini Brute II and JC-120 when I sold the '65 ES-175 and a few 335's about a dozen years ago.

Looking for that smooth jazz sounding amp. I have a Schertler Jam 400 that I use for acoustics in home, a Fender Mustang III v.2 for Strat and Tele and a Fishman SA220 that I used for playing out.

Looking to you jazz pros and aficionados to see if you think my Jam 400, Mustang modeling amp and or SA220 might suffice or if I should consider a Schertler "Charlie", Henriksen, AER 60 or?

Of course I'll have a little better perspective by end of week after the 175's land.

Thanks gang!

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