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Sorry. I just noticed you specified COMBO AMPS in the title of this thread and I mentioned the AI w/Raezer's Edge cab.

Of the combo amps I've owned and played, I'm a big fan of the Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb. Not a lightweight amp to be sure, but sort of the poor man's Deluxe Reverb. Sounds nice but a bummer to carry to the gig.

If I had to choose one of my solid state combos, I've used the Roland JC22 more than the others. I used to use the Polytones a lot in the old days, but I just think the JC22 has a nicer, cleaner tone, a nice reverb and it's quiet.

I just got the Henriksen in the last year, and haven't used it much. It's the lightest of the amps I have and seems like a nice quality amp.

At the end of the day, I choose the aforementioned Clarus. I know you're looking for a combo. You've gotten some great suggestions. Good luck!
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