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Originally Posted by rockabilly69 View Post
If you're just going to dip your toe into the pool, a Gretsch is fine. I say buy used, so you don't lose a lot if you decide to upgrade and sell i . If you're serious, buy once and get a National. Used Nationals can be found for not that much if you're patient. And others may disagree, but I say go with a metal body for any thing other than a spider cone!

For blues, a single biscuit cone.

Fingerpicking and all rounder, tricone

For bluegrass, Spider cone

Yeah Iíve been lazy about working on my blues during covid so I havenít bought anything yet. However I was thinking it probably makes sense for me to get a less expensive resonator for now and see if it sticks before deciding if I want to get someone in the $2k+ range.

Truth is, Iím more of an electric guy and dabble in finger style blues and classical so I can get by with a $500-800 guitar no problem. If me testing the waters becomes life changing.. well then itís totally worth a bigger investment.

Thanks for the feedback.
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